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Beauty Benefits of Sea Kelp

Kelp has many uses; you’ll find it in a lot of Asian recipes, it’s often included in supplements due to its rich vitamin content, and it also has beauty benefits for both skin and hair.Sea kelp belongs to the algae family and can be found growing naturally at the bottom of oceans across the globe. As it’s part of this precious and mesmerising underwater world, it needs to be treated with care and respect to make sure it can continue to thrive and provide its benefits for generations to come.

The kelp found in our collection of skin and haircare products at Natural Beauty Online has been sustainably sourced for this very reason, so you can be assured you’re looking after your own natural beauty, as well as that of the world around you by buying from us.

Is Sea Kelp Good for Your Skin?

Sea kelp can be incredibly hydrating, nourishing and moisturising for your skin, thanks to being packed with natural nutrients, which have been planted there by the sea itself.

While there are several different varieties of sea kelp used across the Natural Beauty Online range, this marine plant typically has a high iodine content - something that has been linked to soothing dry skin and improving the appearance of flaky patches.

Sea kelp is packed with so much natural moisture and so many organic nutrients that it is also brilliant at hydrating and softening your skin, helping to improve its feel and appearance.

The minerals found in some types of sea kelp can help to reduce inflammation and remove toxins from the skin too, meaning it could assist with clearing up redness for clearer, calmer skin and a more confident you.

By protecting your skin from dryness and inflammation, you can help to keep it in good condition for longer, which means sea kelp could potentially have anti-ageing benefits as well.

Using products such as those found in the Dermikelp® Body Essentials Starter Kit and The Reparative Body Lotion by La Mer could therefore have significant benefits for your skin when added to your daily beauty routine as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sea Kelp for Hair

A lack of certain minerals in the body can manifest itself in the form of dry, brittle, lacklustre-looking hair. But feeding your hair with natural nutrients like those found in sea kelp can help to remedy this.

As sea kelp is naturally rich in minerals including iodine, potassium and iron, using a shampoo and conditioner that have been made using natural kelp extracts can help to replenish and nourish your hair.

Some people even find that applying kelp-based products to their hair can protect against hair loss and thinning.

What’s more, the soothing nutrients found in kelp can work their magic on your scalp too, providing relief from itchiness and flaking, even if you have very sensitive skin, improving the look of your hair and boosting your confidence.

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