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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Beauty

Earth, wind, fire, water: the four classical elements, and the most natural beauty inspiration of all. Take your skincare and haircare routines back to nature by using nourishment sourced from the earth itself, by using air, heat and ingredients sourced from the mightiest waters of all: our oceans.

If you’re looking to adopt a more natural skincare routine, here are a few ideas for how you can incorporate each of the elements into your routine.


A facemask made of mud may sound messy, but certain types of mud are believed to have huge benefits for the skin. For example, people travel from all over the world to visit Jordan to bathe in the Dead Sea, where both the water and the mud from the seabed are incredibly rich in minerals that can provide natural nourishment to your skin.

Taking ingredients that have grown in the earth to use on your skin is another way to incorporate this classical element into your beauty routine. When combined with honey or mashed banana in a homemade facemask, oats can make a brilliant natural exfoliant, helping you to scrub away any impurities from your skin.


Too much exposure to harsh, cold air in the winter months can make skin feel dry, dehydrated and even sore in some cases, leaving it in need of extra nourishment. At Natural Beauty Online, you’ll find products to help with this in the Dermikelp® skincare range.

But when used in a particular way, air could actually have benefits for skin. Some beauty salons offer oxygen facial treatments, which involve directing a high-pressure stream of oxygen at the skin. Some believe this can rejuvenate the skin to keep it looking and feeling younger for longer.

You can also carry out air skincare with a humidifier, which can help to make sure your skin is getting enough moisture and hydration to prevent it from drying out - these devices are particularly useful to have in your home in the winter months.


Don’t take using this element in your skincare routine literally. Heat, rather than fire, is a common element in some beauty treatments, such as hot stone massages, which many people use to relieve back pain or to simply reduce their stress levels.

Self-heating facemasks are also popular; applying a gentle level of heat to your face in this way helps to open your pores, encouraging impurities to be drawn out, providing your skin with a deep level of cleansing.


Water itself should be an incredibly important part of your everyday beauty routine; it’s essential to make sure you’re drinking enough to keep yourself hydrated on the inside, as this will show on the outside too.

Meanwhile, certain ingredients sourced from water, like sea kelp from fertile oceans, can have benefits for your skin and for your hair. At Natural Beauty Online, you’ll find the naturally nutrient-rich sea kelp ecklonia maxima in the Dermikelp® products that we stock.

The sea kelp in these skin and haircare products is wonderfully nourishing and replenishing. It can help to leave skin feeling beautifully smooth, and it can make hair look gorgeously glossy and healthy, as this particular type of kelp is packed with beneficial minerals and other nutrients.

Whether you decide to take inspiration from the earth, wind, fire or water, make the world around you your first port of call when looking for new beauty products to add to your collection.

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