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How to Enjoy a Spa-Style Pamper at Home

There are few more relaxing ways to unwind than at a spa day. But when life is busy and funds are tight, indulging in a day of luxury treatments at a swanky hotel isn’t always feasible.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself to a well-deserved pamper session though. Your kitchen cupboards and bathroom shelves will be full of ingredients and products that you can use for your very own spa day at home.

Invite a girlfriend over to indulge with you for a fun Galentine’s Day, treat your partner to some much-needed R&R for Valentine’s Day or don’t wait for an excuse at all, and simply give your skin and hair a little extra TLC to help get it through the winter looking and feeling gorgeous.

Experiment with New Ingredients

At a luxury spa, you might have treatments featuring ingredients you wouldn’t necessarily use yourself at home. But with a growing number of natural beauty products cropping up on the market, you can now experiment with more unusual ingredients from home.

For example, sea kelp can have numerous benefits for your skin and hair, as it contains natural nutrients that can hydrate, cleanse, moisturise and soothe.

Take the Dermikelp® collection available at Natural Beauty Online; it’s made from CEM-K, a concentrated form of a variety of sea kelp called ecklonia maxima, which grows off the west coast of South Africa. This type of kelp is incredibly rich in nutrients, and you’ll find it in each of the brand’s products, alongside other ingredients such as grapeseed oil to bring added benefits to your skin and hair.

Kelp is a beauty must-have right now, so why not use your at-home spa pamper session to try it out for the first time?

Make Your Own Exfoliating Treatments

Our oceans might be packed full of nutrient-rich sea kelp to keep your skin and hair looking and feeling healthy, but you’ll also find natural ingredients a little closer to home to use in your spa treatments - look no further than your kitchen cupboards.

Here, you’ll find natural exfoliants such as sea salt and oats, which - when mixed with olive oil, honey or even mashed avocado - will provide you with a homemade mask for your face or hair.

Make sure you wash away any lingering grains of sea salt from your face afterwards with the Dermikelp® Gentle Foaming Face Wash, which you'll find in the Dermikelp® Body Conditioning Collection

After using a hair mask, clean your hair thoroughly with the products in the Dermikelp® Complete Hair Care Collection for beautifully washed, shiny hair, using the scalp tonic to leave your whole head feeling wonderfully refreshed.

Pamper Yourself from Top to Toe

From head massages to treatments for your feet, most spas offer TLC from top to toe, and you should give yourself the same attention during an at-home pamper session.

Care for your hair with our natural haircare products, which contain sea kelp to nourish your scalp and your locks for beautiful-looking and feeling hair.

At the same time, you can add natural nutrients to your body from the outside with our sea kelp-based skincare products, and the Dermikelp® Body Conditioning Collection contains products to help you pamper your whole body.

There’s no need to neglect any patch of your skin - if you were at a proper spa, you’d let yourself spend the time indulging, so you should do the same at home.

Take Time Over the Little Things

Choose a free evening or a weekend day with no plans for your home spa session and you’ll have the time to spend on the little things that we don’t all have time for day to day, such as looking after your cuticles - did you know that soaking them in olive oil could help to strengthen them? - and putting cucumber slices on your eyes to brighten dark circles.

Give some extra care to dry patches of skin too. These can be exacerbated by winter weather, so make sure you’re spending time nourishing them properly. Dermikelp® can help with this too, with its Soothing Cream - available on its own or as part of the Dermikelp® Body Essentials Starter Kit - proven to be sensitive to skin, moisturising, nourishing and hydrating dry patches.

Perfect Your Massage Technique

The best and most relaxing spa days always end with a massage, leaving you feeling beautifully recharged and pampered.

Perfect your own massage technique with the help of online tutorials, and treat a friend to a stress-busting, knot-relieving shoulder massage at the end of your girly pamper night. You’ll have soon honed your technique to treat your partner to a relaxing, romantic massage on Valentine’s Night…

You’ll find a gorgeous collection of pampering products at Natural Beauty Online. Explore the full range here.