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How to Look Younger, Naturally

Chasing youthful skin can be a never-ending pursuit; luckily, some of the tactics for maintaining young-looking skin are things you need to do to simply stay alive.

This means you can build looking after your skin into your everyday routine, and easily take steps to keep yourself looking youthful, naturally.

Over the last few years, cosmetic procedures have become more popular as people strive to look as youthful and wrinkle-free as possible, but you don’t need to go this far to get beautifully glowing skin.

Small lifestyle changes, like a good skincare routine, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet can all work wonders on your skin. Here’s how:

Stay Hydrated

Making sure you’re drinking enough water is vital for keeping your skin functioning properly and looking healthy. Water plays an important role in regulating your body’s temperature and enabling your cells to perform as they should. Drinking plenty also helps to flush out toxins from your body, so you can keep it as nourished as possible, inside and out.

Dry or wrinkled skin can be very ageing, but drinking enough water can help to keep it firm and glowing. You should never underestimate the power of moisture for your skin, whether you’re getting it by taking in plenty of fluids, or applying a moisturiser made from naturally nourishing ingredients to your skin - more on this later.

Consume More Healthy Fats

Foods with a high fat content can help to keep your skin looking plump and youthful - but only if they’re the right kinds of fats. If you eat too much junk food, your skin - and the rest of your body - won't be getting the right balance of nutrients, and this could leave you looking spotty, or simply washed out.

However, foods like extra virgin olive oil and fatty fish contain good fats, that will provide you with essential nutrients and the right kind of plumpness in your skin - one that keeps you looking youthful.

Avocados are one of the best sources of good fats that could benefit your skin, as they naturally contain polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols, which are believed to help with protecting skin from the sun, repairing damage and fighting inflammation. Again, all of this could keep your skin looking young.

Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Although it’s important to get enough vitamin D to help skin to look youthful and healthy, over-exposure to the sun, or failing to protect your skin before spending time outdoors, can cause serious damage.

Sun damage can lead to wrinkles, dry, burnt, flaky patches of skin and a papery feel, so it’s essential to wear sun lotion of an appropriate factor before going out into the sun. On holiday and on especially hot days, you should wear a high factor, and apply a little to your face and other exposed areas every other day - you can never be too careful.

Most sun creams contain moisturising ingredients too, which could help towards keeping your skin feeling nourished and looking youthful.

Keep Skin Nourished

As well as wearing protective sun lotion, you also need to cleanse and moisturise your skin on a daily basis using products that won’t cause irritation or dry it out.

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You need to nourish your body on the inside with the right foods and plenty of water, and you need to provide it with nourishment on the outside too, using products containing natural ingredients, like the ecklonia maxima sea kelp found in Dermikelp®.

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