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Kelp: Vitamins and Minerals for Skin and Hair

We all know we should be getting a mix of vitamins and minerals from our diet to keep our bodies healthy, but which essential nutrients should we be applying to our skin and hair?

At Natural Beauty Online, we stock a gorgeous collection of sea kelp-based beauty products, which are packed with the vitamins and minerals naturally found in kelp. For example, the Dermikelp® skin and haircare products in our range are made using extracts of ecklonia maxima sea kelp, which is a great natural source of iodine and zinc.

Both of these minerals can have numerous benefits for your skin and hair, with kelp also containing vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, magnesium, copper, potassium and iron, all of which could contribute to a healthier-looking and feeling appearance.

Dermikelp® uses a patented cell-burst extraction process to keep its ecklonia maxima sea kelp as naturally nutrient-rich as possible to bring maximum benefits to your body from top to toe.

Lots of people take vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements to boost their skin and hair, but applying them to your body via sea kelp extracts could have similar benefits, helping you to look and feel your best.

Let’s explore how…

Vitamin C: Benefits for Your Skin

Sea kelp is a natural source of vitamin C, which can play an important role in boosting your skin’s collagen production, helping to keep it looking smooth and healthy.

This is vital for achieving a natural glow all year round, so it’s worth applying kelp to your skin as part of your everyday routine, such as via the products in the Dermikelp® Body Conditioning Collection, to contribute towards smooth, healthy skin.

Zinc for Healthy Hair

Zinc is another of the minerals naturally found in sea kelp, and it’s known for its ability to promote hair repair and growth, so applying ecklonia maxima to your locks using the shampoo and conditioner found in the Dermikelp® Hair Essentials Starter Kit could leave you with stronger, healthier hair.

You can also get extra zinc from your diet, from foods like beef, spinach, lentils and pumpkin seeds, so if you feel as though your hair needs a boost, eating more of these could help.

Iodine for Skin and Hair

Iodine can have multiple benefits for skin and hair too, which is why you’ll find it in many beauty supplements. It’s naturally present in ecklonia maxima sea kelp, so using products containing this on your skin and hair as part of your everyday routine could have similar benefits.

When it comes to looking after skin, iodine can help in keeping dry skin at bay, partly by regulating the moisture levels of your skin. Iodine is also known for its role in promoting skin repair to bring you smoother skin and greater confidence.

In the Dermikelp® Body Essentials Starter Kit, you’ll find a body wash, moisturising lotion and soothing cream to help you to keep your skin smooth, hydrated and nourished thanks to the mineral-rich sea kelp that’s included in each product, with iodine just one of these minerals.

For your hair, iodine can encourage growth and prevent breakages. It’s also a natural antiseptic, so it can keep your scalp clean and healthy, providing the best possible conditions for hair to grow healthily.

One of the many reasons Dermikelp® products are so rich in nutrients is because the sea kelp they contain has been harvested by hand to prevent excess contamination.

We’re proud to stock this sustainable, naturally nutrient-rich range. Enjoy the benefits of its vitamin and mineral-packed kelp for your skin and hair by shopping the collection here.