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Take Your Beauty Routine from Autumn to Winter

Taking your skincare routine from summer to autumn is one of the biggest transitions it will go through in a year, as you swap a natural, healthy summer glow for extra protection and a conscious effort to fight dry skin.

But when winter arrives, there are a few extra changes you need to make to take your skincare routine from autumn to the new season to keep your skin in the best condition possible and ensure it’s ready for peak party season.

At Natural Beauty Online, we believe that products made from natural ingredients are the best for giving your skin the nourishment, hydration and moisture it needs as you take your skincare routine through a seasonal transition.

Prepare Your Skin for Party Make-Up

Bold berry and festive red lips are perfect for festive winter parties, accentuating and drawing attention to your features, so you need to make sure your lips and skin are in good condition to let your make-up shine.

Face glitter is also a huge trend right now and can help you to really stand out on a night out, but you won’t be able to achieve the full glitzy effect if your skin is chapped and dry.

What’s more, winter can be especially unkind to the area beneath your eyes, so take particular care to apply extra moisturiser here during winter.

You need to make sure the skin on your face is smooth, hydrated and nourished so it’s ready for the Christmas and New Year party season. Introducing products like those in the Dermikelp® Body Essentials Starter Kit into your skincare routine for a few weeks before the celebration season kicks off could help to get your skin looking and feeling softer and smoother, ready to let all of that glamorous party make-up shine.

Use the kit’s Gentle Cleansing Body Wash, Nourishing Moisturising Lotion and Soothing Cream one after the other to cleanse, moisturise and soothe your skin for hydrated, winter-ready skin.

Nourish Your Whole Body

Throughout the rest of the year, most people don’t need to worry too much about the condition of the skin on their arms and legs, but it can become noticeably more dry when autumn turns into winter, meaning you need to up the nourishing aspect of your daily skincare routine.

You might simply apply moisturiser to your face for most of the year, but you need to make sure you’re using it all over your body once winter is in full swing.

Even though you might think you’re as wrapped up as you can be against the elements, tights actually only provide the skin on your legs with a very thin layer of protection from the harsh cold weather, while thick, woolly jumpers rubbing against your arms can leave your skin more dried out than normal.

Moisturise your whole body, paying particular attention to the areas that are most exposed to the elements. At Natural Beauty Online, you’ll find a fantastic range of natural moisturising products designed for the skin on your body, containing nutrient-rich ingredients like sea kelp to bring natural vitamins and minerals to your skin - exactly what it needs during the winter months.

Introduce a Soothing Cream to Your Routine

Dry, chapped, flaky, sore skin is much more likely with the sudden cold snap that often comes when autumn evolves into winter, so you may want to introduce extra products to help combat this into your winter skincare routine, like the Dermikelp® Soothing Cream we mentioned earlier.

This product can quickly soothe sensitive, dry, irritated and itchy skin thanks to its gentle feel, helping to improve its appearance, as well as how it feels. Patches of dry skin can crop up in the most unexpected of places on in the winter, and this cream can be used anywhere on your body.

Although nature can damage your skin as the seasons change from autumn to winter, nature can help to support and nourish it too.

Explore the collection of products for the skin on your body and face available from Natural Beauty Online.